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Shawn vs Steve for 1st at our local comp. DU filled the podium!!!!!!!

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So this was the busiest week of the year for us. Two of the three cars were torn to bits, Logan’s car wasn’t running, and we had an event to run on Sunday. On Thursday night Steve’s car looked like this

I managed to get the car put together and left for a 5 hour drive to Shawn and Logan’s home town by 6 am on saturday morning.564390_300866673328702_100002161160918_697267_154146270_n

I arrived in Kelowna to find Logans car up on stands and ready to paint. Unfortunately Logan had got something stuck in his eye and had to go to hospital to get a needle stuck in not one, but both of his eyes.


While Logan was at the hospital Shawn an I prepped his car and got it paint ready also

526765_301120936636609_100002161160918_697902_988423560_nWe got all the cars painted by 11.30 that night, after getting up at 7 the next morning we made the scenic drive to the track


Once at the track we unloaded for a few test, shakedown laps before the 31 other signed up drivers arrived. With 4 laps completed between 3 cars we had 2 of them broken already. Logan’s car had torn his subframe, snapped an arm and punctured his gas tank and Shawn had blown 3rd gear,


But after 4 long days, with very little sleep, it was time to get crazy and get on some doors. There is nothing more satisfying then awesome tandems on a warm summers day. No matter how hard the road is and how little we sleep, remember why we do this. Because its what we love.


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For all you guys out there that want to buy wheels or bodykits before spending money on safety gear, please don’t. Sometimes shit goes really really bad. Protect yourselves



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With our first non school D Day of the year coming up i thought it would be nice to look at the hell we put our cars through. No matter what happens to our cars, its always worth it.

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Some of you know Nigel and his awesome blog His 180sx drift car is shown here repping some Drift Union/Dta Posse love. Thanks again Nigel

Nigel Dta

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With a little time between events and the cars coming together nicely, it was time to do something different.


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We will be back

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Almost ready for 2012, lots of changes this winter.

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Drift Union 2011 Year End Video – Born To Make It. from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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