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Ok so I’m trying to get all of YOU local drifters that are out and about reading this to show up at this meet! Trying to get the local drifters together, so people can put faces to cars.

Date: April 26th
Time: 1-3pm
Location: TBA (will edit this post when I know)

****this is not a drift session, just a hangout/take pics. what you do after is up to you!****

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Well this past weekend Dave (papa) H, Logan and I took a nice leisurely drive out to the CBD event and took some pics and Vid. Lucked out on the weather, was perfect. Not to hot, not to cold. All and all it was another great event put on by the drift safari boys. Peep their site @ will try to get some vid up ASAP!

But untill then here are some pics Benson took! shit is tight!

for the rest go to

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So this is ryans rolla, started as a VERY clean auto sr5


now it is under the knife, getting all GTS stuff from a gnarly POS GTS that he picked up.

will post when car is done!


crossing my fingers hoping he wont be a bitch and will drift it…… I gess we will have to wait and see.

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/Nuff said

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Alright, so this is the new face for the online Drift Union. Thanks to Logan we have this baller new site that I hope to keep updated weekly. On the home page (this page) I will post up local events and random entries about the OK drift scene. Feel free to comment on the entries and let me know what you think! Hope 09 brings out some new locals and that the oldies get some new tricks. Hope to see you all out and about.

Keep it safe!

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