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Well thanks to Dave King I got ALOT of HD video to use. Tossed this together last night. Hope you like it!! Click the HD icon for….. well, the HD video. Let me know what you think, leave a comment.

Drift Union’s D-Day 3. May 2/2009 from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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So D-Day 3 was just flat out awesome. Thank you to all who helped out, could’nt have done it without you guys and girls. Here are some pics Dave Mann took, lovin the shot of Josh’s AE with the toe truck. See you all at D-Day 4!



the rest are here:

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Last day for Pre Reg, $60 for the driver $20 for passenger. Cars must be at track by 1:30pm (should make it if you are crossing the OK bridge at 12:00)

Drivers remember:

snell helmet
pants or coveralls for driving (can wear shorts when not driving)
fluids for your car

If you dont know Penticton very well I would print this off.

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