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I need to start working on the 7.

Also forgot how G the R33 was getting…. shit is dumped.

Auto V8=White smoke.

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when the FC was black it was hella dumped for a bit when it had small tires. I miss being way to low, need new fronts for 2010 so 205/40/17’s should do the trick to go low without much rub.


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why cant we have more dope drift cars around here.

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OG shit right here. Here are a few vids of drift union when it started back in 07. God I miss this.
First vid is one that Kyle made, second is one that I made.

Dan-S13 (black)



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I want to drift now!

also, still need a song!

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im about to pull my hair out trying to find a song to end the video on…….

so please comment with some dope songs.

Year end Video is so close to being done.


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when you think drift car you think S13 AE86 FC3S…. well…. where are all the FC’s?

a little drift FC love.

more pics here

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For those of you who dont know about daikoku, ill tell you a little about it. If you skip to 4:15 of this video you will see the huge parking lot that allegedly is full if car enthusiasts and car clubs daily. It is a must see if you are in Japan. If you peep some other vids on youtube you will see some sick cars.

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drift your R33. Found this vid at

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