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from demo we did in 08 up in williams lake.

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Our buddy Derek at Pacific Coast JDM (link under friends) went to the tokyo auto salon and got a few snaps from the D1 event. Thanks Derek!

one day ill be there……………

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Friends FD. rrrrrrrrrrr BANG BANG BANG!

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well played fine sir.

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so just took the FC for a burn for the first time in 3 months…….. I miss it sooooo bad. The sound, the smell, hot damn! well time to start hacking it apart with a sawzall.

Good bye poo brown FC, you will be missed by no one as you are poo brown.

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Well to keep with tradition…

Fabulous Street Scene has added us to there blog roll so here’s a little blog love post to let you know these guys are out there. Cus’ hey thats what its all about.

The cars

Anyways.. they keep it steet, respect.

see vid below.

blog now in blog roll.

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I miss drifting so bad…….. fuck snow.

FAB drifting from cyrus mohebi on Vimeo.

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Have been going through a little hip hop faze.
great song…

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if you are looking at this, comment with a pic of your car, would like to see some new whips!



Love this first pic!

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Bring forth much PB and R’s, and ye contraptions that be making much smoke in thee year of 20 10.

Can’t wait to get back on the track.

Walk the plank!

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