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off seasons from Drift Alliance on Vimeo.

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Can’t wait to get the 7 on the road….. untill then, big rims.

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So video is all done and ready for the world..

Vancouver premier March 5th info -> HERE (you have to be logged into your facebook first.)

look out Van here we come..

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im getting so pumped to use the new cam to make some awesome vids this year. With my friend mike jumpin head first into video we should be able to get some hella good “artsy” shots with his background in stills being used behind the lens.

How to get good shots……

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logan has now joined the mod’ed knuck club. Welcome.

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So kelowna (where I am) only got 1/3 of the norm snow fall this year. Also it was only on the roads for a few days….. kinda sucked. Should have kept the 7 on the road for longer. O well. Anyways…. only good part about winter other then ski hills is smashing into snow banks in the DD on the way to work, and that didnt happen this year. So I got my fix from watching some JDM snow dori vids.

Skip to about 1 min in.

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anyways… just finished getting into my new place by the lake.

on a side note, my new cam is in town just gota pick it up!

anddddddd… a good friend of mine is planing on buying the new canon cam that can shoot 60 fps (very very good slow-mo shots)

what does all this mean you might ask……

awesome street vids in 2010.

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gotta love burnouts

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???????????? ??? ??????? EBISU CIRCUIT SCHOOL COURSE GAIJIN SMASH from Michael Da Gama on Vimeo.

WTF Track…. I want to drift it…

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