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We just need to find him….. We call him lil money.

On another note, took the FC for its first run today!!!!

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Getting the 7 together, and ryan slapin on my 38mm spacers and canards on the R33. All photos from Dave Mann, Peep his blog HERE

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Well I tossed in some coils on Ryan L’s Evo this weekend. Just trying to make it not stick out so much when we all roll together!

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These balla gents were kind enough to toss up our Vid.

So fresh!

Peep the site,

now in blog roll.

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cars are almost on the road for 2010

Fc rim polish and paint

r33 keepin it real

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Well here it is. Had two GREAT premiers (one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna)  so now its time to show the world. Had tons of fun making this, a lot of late nights, laughs and Red Bulls. Hope this gets a few people pumped for the 2010 season.

 Tryed to make the video show the kind of atmosphere we try to surround ourselves in, here in the Okanagan, but it seemed hard to do so ill sum it up. 

Only reason we do what we do is for fun, there are no comps, nothing to prove, just friends sharing a common interest and having a blast while doing it.

Anyways.. crank up the volume and play this shit already!


Drift Union’s 09 Year End Video from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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April 5th 2009, how logans car looked.


and now… (look a few posts back)

lol good game logan.

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where I do work.

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Limit Factory TFMIC to prevent intercooler damage when bashing into curbs, very short charge pipe distance, still able to keep stock fan / oil cooler / p/s cooler.

but not stock rad support, lol………..

fuckin love sawzalls!!!!!

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something I have not done for almost 6 month….. so close to getting the 7 back on the road.

I miss it.

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