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So along with the new paint, both logan and I are hoping to also mix up some other stuff this year. First off, Im going to really bust my ass to make a great year end video. Picked up a Canon T2i to shoot with witch will give us some very crisp HD video to work with, also not going to make short street vids throughout out the year. Will be saving it all up for the year end. (will make very short teasers though, to keep people interested!) On a driving note, I am going to do every thing I can to try and make it to the ZT ASB, along with some evergreen events. Need to get on some new tracks!

Anyways, all in all should be a good year, and the Vid summing it all up should be epic.

leave you with a pic….

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logan had some fun as well

no pics of the flat black 08 as it was at the front all day!

Thanks a bunch for the pics Cole!

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Some solic pics from benson! Purple!

Comments 2 Comments » had its 3rd cruse today. Here are a few pics some people took of the cars.

look for posts on the green thing and red boosted thing soon!

time for bed.

……got a little board, I guess the car behind could tell and had the cam ready. (solid pic shane/greg lol)

O and this guy was just fuckin awesome!

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Cages soon. Logan also just got the same seat/harness set up as I.

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moved some fiberglass out of the way so I could lower the FD a little more. Will need smaller tires to go any lower.

(car is hella dusty from fiberglass work, but you get the point)

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Well our local B.C. boy doing big things, Ian from Drift Safari, competed in the first round of formula drift in Cali. Here is a little vid with Ian at 3:35 in the 4 door r32 showing the wall a little love. Well played Ian.

Formula Drift Long Beach” The New Season begins” from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo.

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evo getting dope soon, last shots until dopeness .

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