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Screw wall cone, we have a Flamingo now!

Red mark was from Matt, first out of towner to tap the wall! See below.

I almost got it,

next time………… I will pop you.

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So we had our first local event this past weekend, tons of fun!

Cole will get to his pics when he has time, until then, a few random shots. View all HERE

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Team Limit.

Dave and homies started up a new blog, with daves photochop skills and now getting into video, their should be more dope visuals on this blog soon.


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New Blog to peep/added to Blog Roll.

Nice little wright up of the D.U. cars, and tons of cool dumped whips. Take a look  HERE

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So I had no clutch in my car at 2pm fri, got it all in a left kelowna at 8pm.

On our way to Chilliwack to stay at my Dads.

Logan hit some dead thing on the road.

Sleep. Wake up drive to boarder, try to make sense of where we are going…

Get across, get to 30min from where we are going… get lost…..

Get to where we need to be…….

Play beer pong!

Cole and I got very drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom and I distracting noobs,

and pwn’n them

Logan drove us home!

I didn’t feel to good…


Got to event did some drifts, went home. lol, All Coles Photos Here.

Thanks to everyone who put a roof over our heads and fed us, Dave S for the truck. Also thanks to all the new rad people we met that made this weekend a blast!!

soooo good.

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Shit gets done fast in Washington.. already some vid from yesterday. Thanks Ryan.


evergreen speedway from Dyan Ravis on Vimeo.

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well was out shooting some stuff the other day with some friends, and thought….. damn, i’ve got some friends that can do some Gnar shit.

So readers of this post is to inform you that while the year end video will be 90% drifting, expect to see some ski/skate/bmx/down hill/retard drunks at work.

Snap from a dirt jump session last week.

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it run and moves.

“hey ryan go for a little drive down the road to make sure shits ok”
……….rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….rrrrrrrrrr…..rrrrrrrr (go around courner out of sight)
5min later….
Phone Call

“so my car died”
“what did you do?”
“well i got a little excited and did a huge e brake to turn around and forgot a haven’t done the batterie tie down yet.”
“fuck ryan”
“……. e brake works great though!”

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Well haven’t been posting very much as I am trying to get my car together for a drift day at evergreen speedway on the 23rd. Got logans Sparco seat in today, so hes good to go, all thats holding us back is a clutch for my car that should have been here by now.

It better get here in time or im gunna have ta’ start punching babies.

Anyways heres a dope vid of evergreen.

“Nothin’ to Worry About” from Justin Shreeve Films on Vimeo.

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