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check back for the next run of shirts!

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filmed for the year end video…..

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1/2 though an epic eh team entry!

A Summer Spent Sliding from Dustin St. Hilaire on Vimeo.

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Click on the Apparel Icon up in the header for all Tee’s

All shirts are limited to 10 prints each and made out of ring spun, super soft, 90% Cotton 10% Polyester. Very light comfy shirts.

The Stay Classy Grey, purple Union $25

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only 10 of each colour, purples all gone and only about 5 whites and 5 greys still around, and they aren’t even for sale yet!

will have them up for sale soon!

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Few quick snaps of how the LS is lookin these days.

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Jump to 50sec

thanks shane

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Meet Aljed at asb this year, Hella legit car. Check it.

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Has been a crazy summer, worked full time, drove 8 events, went to 2 FD events and tossed an SR in an AE, all in 4 months.

Now its time to just have fun.

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Matt Field, Las Vegas, Support the Underdogs! from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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