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Saw this car at ASB X this year, I liked it.


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sometimes you just gotta hang out the sunroof to get a good shot.

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gotta go film more street…….

Street Drift from Laurence Janus on Vimeo.

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Was past this from a friend who is an avid DH rider/racer, designer of this company just got told his eye sight is mostly gone in one eye and going in the other. They are pumping out these awesome purple Jerseys to fund his surgery to stop him from going blind. Buy one and help a brother out.


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Fuckin love it! So fresh.

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workin on Coles SR toyota, so might not be much posting going on in the next week or so……..

random pic.

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took a week off cars,

anyways, peeping some vid from the live stream they had at pgp. (very cool to have, we talked about doing this at penticton next year) and got a little chuckle about the entry comment.

Skip to 2:30 in the vid.

“He has set the bar for today, I dont know about all time, we did have some canadians up here who were just slaying the beginning of that turn.”


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Official-Night Moves Trailer #1 from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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Ryans SR86 getting G,

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