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Big single time.

kinda funny how im in the dope rwd/drift game and have yet to build a 240………

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A snap from cole when we were doing some neat stuff and shit. Love this pic.

The bright lights are from a generator I brought up from my work so we would have some light up on the mountain. Makes for better video….. hint hint.

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just a pic i like of Pete and I talking about how much beer were going to drink….. also talked about next year, expect to see an awesome car with pete in it. Not his S13, going to try to get him to paint it purple! hahaha

if you are all smart like, and know my FC. You will see in the pic, my old gold rims (18×12) that are now going on said awesome car.

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i want to drift, fuck snow.

SRX7 snow nuts from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

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Well my part is all done. Does big burnouts, gos fast. Vid soon.

now time to start on an FD3S that just got dropped off!

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Solid night tapping walls in the snow.

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this vid sums it up.

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I got new rims today.

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