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I try not to post a lot of random pics, as when I go to a blog I want to see what that group, or person is up to. Not a bunch of cars that have been posted on every other blog out there. Thats what the big sites are for.

But some times you stumble upon a pic that you just need to blog about, and this is one of them,

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Justins Trailer, all sick n’ shit.

Love the ending.

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Thanks to all who voted on speedhunters, Logan took home best street drift car! Now hes up for best car of 2010. HERE

Street session snap.

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Dads Shop. 33 under the blankets new sedan body in the shop and the roadster in the proses of getting a new top. Didnt get pics of the coupe or the other sedan…..

Everything done in that shop, right from building the frames.

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Was a fun event, we won because of the huge entrys…

Team “Eh” tandeming at PGP from Mike Lukomskiy on Vimeo.

this was the norm entry spot (legit 3 car tandem in this one.)

The Black Market Scalpers from Mike Lukomskiy on Vimeo.

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Little raw clip from HTM, I got a little to into dirt drops.

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Vid from Steves blog, god damn I love big entries

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Hope all yall’ have a good christmas/new years. Purple cars should be getting some cool stuff soon…..

Love Shawn and Logan.

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so was going to go for a burn in the 7…… but it snowed more.

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Chris and Nick all day er’day. Until nick smashed a curb………………..

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