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SRX7s are the lightest car……… in the world.

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Kelowna Shore thurs family dinner.

O ya roll cage ya.

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Purple cars getting full FD cages this week…. Post about it soon.

This is what I have been doing over the past few weeks..

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Kohei and I being men.

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Video is looking hella hella sharp, 24min long, way better then the 09 one. Will be doing premiers in Kelowna and Vancouver in march.

a few pics from a session we filmed for the vid. Brought flood lights for better lighting on the mountain. Full 5min part in the video just from that night. Shots turned out so good.

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I know shits been lacking….. but this is why.

Snow Snow Snow

But we do get to do this…………

Then deal with this…..

and this…..

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