6 Responses to “Make it rain.”
  1. WERK says:

    the build looks crazy so far, hyped to see this finised!

  2. Mark says:

    Are those rims 17’s ??

  3. Full Lock says:

    hell no! 15×10 -25
    cant get that low on 17’s

  4. Oh My Fuck. Love this thing. Is it easy to go low in an x73? Mostly custom suspension bits no? Cool if I post these pics up on my blog? Also, I’ve added you guys to our blog roll.

  5. Shawn Browne says:

    sedan yes, wangon not so much. to get this low you need to make s13 shit work. Feel free to post up pics, and thanks for the add!

  6. Mark says:

    Okay Badass, its so freakin sick!! I love it.
    I definitely love how the mud guards are still on, thats idea im doing with my 95 legacy since mine came with the mud guards.

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