Drift Union started back in 2007 as a few friends wanting to have fun. Fast forward to 2011, and wile the cars look different, and the skill level has upped some, we still do it for the same reason. To have fun. Logan and I (Shawn) have been the two faces of DU for the past 3 years, every where we go people seem to already know who we are by the time we introduce our selfs. (the purple canadians) Its definitely not because we go and do comps and win events and get podiums, I have only ever been in two comps and Logan one. We don’t have anything against comps, its just not our thing. Drifting to me is one part driving and one part experience. The meeting new people and late nights are equally important to me as the track time itself. Every where we go we try to make the most out of situations and have as much fun as possible, and thus doing so we have been told we always make an impression everywhere we go.

This is where 2011’s change comes. Some people might think we got a sponsor and are going to do pro-am. Well, getting a big name sponsor on just “cool” factor isn’t going to happen any time soon. Companies like winning and points, not what’s “cool”. So its not that…. Some might have thought crazy HP for our cars this year, with no sponsors, no help, no money, no motors. Soo what is it? Well its like this. Their is absolutely no change to DU for 2011, we are going to travel as much as we can afford, and party along the way. Only thing you might notice is that we have another driver joining in on the festivities.

I would like to welcome Steven Tompson to Drift Unions 2011 line up.

We had an epic vid all planned out, then all 3 cars busted rear end bits in less then 30min. So just peep these till we can shoot again!!!!!!!

10 Responses to “2011 Eat your heart out.”
  1. ryan palmer says:

    whats the password!!!! :(

  2. nathan says:

    Steves purple soarer! so awesome!

  3. AK_Matt says:

    Looking good guys! Looking forward to 2011 B)

  4. BLINDSPOT! says:

    This is spectacular.

  5. Colbskee says:

    Steves car looks so legit in that color

  6. Brann says:

    You know what sux though.
    Street legal, street legal, track car :(
    No 3 man tandems on the street…Other then that this is badass

  7. sackriders says:

    Seriously…… Waited for “2000″ likes to a vid of your three cars parked at the track…….. DISLIKE

  8. Shawn Browne says:

    I know :( Like I said, had an epic vid planned but everyone broke!

  9. Nick says:

    Nice Lexus (or Toyota depending on your market)! The Legacy’s the only one with decent wheels though. :(

  10. Shawn Browne says:

    legacy has xxr’s!! lol

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