This past weekend Shawn and I had the opportunity to test on the new Achilles Radial ATR Sport 2 tire. The results……amazing.

I started off with a pair of tires that had only 25 % left in them. Even though the tires were almost bald I was warned by Bryan Bridges and Robbie Nishida of Bridges Racing to “Air them up because the grip level is crazy”  Taking advice from the pros I inflated the tires to 55psi which is double what I normally run in any other brand. I hadn’t used the tire before competition so I thought it would be best to rip a huge burnout and then slide the infield to feel them out, they felt GOOD! Entering comp time , even with 350whp and 55psi in the tires the grip was still so impressive that it was pushing me to the bottom of the 5/8ths bank.

Sunday Funday would be the true test for these tires, lots of track time, all tandem and a long course would put them through there paces. As the tires wore throughout the day the grip level did not drop. After every session I would go check the tires and they would just get smoother and smoother, but the grip was still there. I told myself i wouldn’t change the tires the until the grip faded, I probably did 25 laps and didn’t change tires all day. The grip is crazy, the smoke is crazy, and these will not chunk. One set of 25% tires lasted me a huge opening ceremony burnout, 2 runs on the 5/8ths and a whole day of tandem fun with my bros.  These are without a doubt the best tires i have ever run.

If you are after an affordable tire, that has the grip level of a super expensive R comp, but will last you FOREVER this is the tire for you. If its good enough for Daigo Saito its good enough for me!





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  1. Brodey Dover says:

    I have the ATR Sports on my auto cross car now. Very good, what is the tread wear rating on the ATR Sport 2s?

  2. piner says:

    is there a place in the US that is offering these tires yet, currently all I can find is Australian sites selling them

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