Well thanks to Dave King I got ALOT of HD video to use. Tossed this together last night. Hope you like it!! Click the HD icon for….. well, the HD video. Let me know what you think, leave a comment.

Drift Union’s D-Day 3. May 2/2009 from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “D-Day 3 Video”
  1. vish says:

    hey dude!!

    epic video lovin atreyu’s sounds to a bit of dorifto! saw a few of your posts on driftworks think your fc is totally stunning!

    screw the haters!!

    big up to BC love it over there…wish i was back

    vish from scotland :)

  2. Dude, that was rad! Awesome quality and well put together. Nice cars too! So jealous of that blue Corolla. My favourite RWD car!! Keep up that good work man guys!

  3. Greg F. says:

    Awesome vid. I knew a few of those songs you’d find a use for, well put together love it. You mother fuckers are getting good at that sideways, time for me to get me a RWD ripper.

  4. rywats says:

    Great footage, needs more corolla content lol

  5. KY says:

    Awesome drifts guys, keep them coming! Also love the part where the Loganmobile kicks that cone away!

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