Event Rules


1. Drift Union has the right to refuse any driver entry for any reason they see fit without refund.
2. All drivers, spectators, and passengers are required to obey all rules and regulations given by track officials and Venue staff. No car shall be allowed to proceed onto any course until directed by a staff/starter signal.
3. Paddock speeds are 5km per hour. Do not speed though the pits. This is for your safety and others.
4. No drugs or alcohol will be tolerated at the track. You will be removed from the premises without refund.
5. All flag rules must be obeyed and observed as signaled.
6. Dates and times are subject to change without notice, you will be called on your contact number if dates change but it is up to you to check event times.
7. DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE WHILE ON TRACK. Unless your car is on fire, you are safer staying inside the vehicle until instructed otherwise. EVEN IF IT IS UPSIDE DOWN. We asked that you stay in your vehicle with seatbelts and helmet on.
8. We may have corner workers on some corners, pay attention to the signals they may give out. Corner workers must be obeyed. When you are out on track they are the ONLY authority out there. The corner worker flags will be covered in the drivers meeting as will the use of the corner workers radios.
9. You are solely responsible for any damages or lost equipment while at the event. Realize that if you have car contact or crash because of someone else you are still ultimately responsible for any damages to your equipment.
10. Helmet must be worn at ALL TIME while on the track or course. This includes passengers, All chin strap must be tightened and secured.
11. Video cameras or other recording equipment must be securely attached to the car; in addition, a security strap must be attached to the device that prohibits it from falling on the ground or moving inside the vehicle.
12. Other than driver hand signals, do not stick anything out the vehicle windows. This includes passengers or you will be red flagged and this might end your session early. (Race Track Only)
13 If you are unable to drive event after payment, you are able to sell or give your spot to another driver up to 48 hours until the event. Drivers list is locked in after that and no changes will be made.
14 All drivers MUST attend driver meeting, you can not drive if you were not present for meeting
15 Drifting can be a dangerous sport if simple safety is not followed, all drivers are responsible for their own safety, as well any person that they let enter their vehicle. All attendees of the event must inform the event organizer immediately of any unsafe activity at the event.
16 Have Fun

Note: Drift Union has the right to remove any one attending an event without refund for not obeying the above rules.

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