DUI17 Challenges

Track Challenges

Single Tap – Wall Tap 25pt #pic

Double tap – Two wall taps one run 75pt #video

Triple Tap – Three wall taps in one run 200pt #video

The Earnhardt – Leave a Nascar tire mark on teammates car 50pt #pic

Rally Cross – Transfer on the ski jump (right corner) cleanly, all 4 off. 50pt #video

Three is Company – Have three or more cars touching at once in drift 200pt #pic

Back it in – Reverse entry 100pt #video

Run the wall – Run the entire “Welcome to Penticton Speedway” wall 100pt #video

Best of show – Best looking car at the end of the event 100pts (Judged by drivers)

Team Comp Win500pts

Pit Challenges

Tire fort – build a tire fort that can hold 3 team members 25pt #pic

Cry baby – Shed a tear watching drifting 50pt #video

45sec or less – Change a set of tires in 45 seconds or less 100pt #video

Tug it out – Challenge another team to a game of tug-o-war winner gets 50pts #video

Track side mechanic – biggest repair done at the track 200pt (Judged by drivers)

Warm it up – Cook a meal on your cars motor and eat it. 100pt #pic

The Angus Franks – Change a tire by hand 100pt #video

Bad Hair Cut – Show up to a driver’s meeting with a messed up do 50pt #pic

Stickers only – Show up to a driver’s meeting with only stickers for clothes 100pt #pic

Dress Up – Show up to a driver’s meeting in full costume 100pt #pic

The Randoms

Selfie with a Cop – you get it 50pt #pic

Sticker a Cop Car - you get it (don’t get busted) 50pt #pic

I want a big Mac – order a big mac from any drive through other than Mc’ds insist they make one. 100pt #video

Trailer Burnout – trailer must be moving 100pt #video

Vegan – eat a full sheet of paper 50pt #video

Meat Eater – cook a burger on the go while driving to the event 50pt #pic

Whip ‘em out – get a random girl to whip ‘em out (team member must be in pic/video) 150pt #pic

Full House – Fit 10 people in a race car 50pt #video

Hug from a Thug – you get it 25pt #pic must be a random person.

Mr. Big Shot – Arm wrestle a fast food employe across the counter or in the drive through 100pt #video

MILF – make out with a woman over 40 (must show ID) 100pt #pic

Rap God – Make a rap song about DUI17  100pt #video

Prank a teammate – you get it 50pt #video best prank extra 100pt

Prank Call – Prank call someone in the drift community 50pt (Not Shawn) #video

Down for life – Get a DUI17 Tattoo 200pt #pic

Burnt – Get a sunburn showing DUI17 Show it at the last drivers meeting 50pt #pic

Graphic Artist – Design a new logo for an opponent’s team 50pt #pic

No Emotion Shave off your eyebrows 100pt for each eyebrow #pic

How about No

Worst of show – Worst looking car after event -50pt (Judged by drivers)

The Pussymayo - Eject battery on track -200pt

The Party Marty – Loose a wheel -100pt

The Jesse Richardson – Light on fire -100pt (extra -100pt for every fire extinguisher used)

The Mr.Lee – Stop for a photoshoot In the middle of the track and cause a 5 or more car pile up -100pt

The Kristoff – Perform a skateboard trick with your drift car -100pt

The Sandstorm – Oil the track causing a delay -100pt

The VG Jr. – Drive over another person’s car -100pt

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