Events 2020

Events will have clickable link ON THIS PAGE when Driver Registration is open.

Sunday April 5th – Drift School
Sunday April 26th – D-Day
Saturday May 23rd – D-Day
Saturday June 13th – D-Day
Saturday June 27th – Drift Union Matsuri FULL
Sunday June 28th – Drift Union Matsuri FULL
Saturday Sep 5th- Drift Union Invitational
Sunday Sep 6th – Drift Union Invitational
Saturday Sep 19th – D-Day

Dates subject to change without notice.

One Response to “Events 2020”
  1. hey guys, what are the chances of getting signed up for the test/school day on the 22nd. laura lee and duane mentioned you guys might still have room. im planning to be there for sure, and another driver from Van, Leif, mentioned wanting to join in. So, if you had a couple more spots would be perfect.

    also, what time does the day start and finish, and what is the cost.



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