Up Coming Events 2020

Events will have clickable link ON THIS PAGE when Driver Registration is open.

Sunday April 5th – Drift School
Sunday April 26th – D-Day
Saturday May 23rd – D-Day
Saturday June 13th – D-Day
Saturday June 27th – Drift Union Matsuri FULL
Sunday June 28th – Drift Union Matsuri FULL
Saturday Sep 5th- Drift Union Invitational
Sunday Sep 6th – Drift Union Invitational
Saturday Sep 19th – D-Day

Dates subject to change without notice.

18 Responses to “Up Coming Events 2020”
  1. hey whens the next drift event getting my car on the road on the 28th would like to learn some drift techs off you guys…

  2. zack GGGGG says:

    chea son. get on that and get some datez!

  3. Devin says:

    Hey just getting my car ready just wonder how i can get signed up.

  4. do-boy says:

    july 18th is a bad date man, evergreen open drift and a Pacific Raceways event. august 8 sucks for me, wedding.

  5. Shawn Browne says:

    wall tap’s, drift trains, nuff said.

    see you in penticton.

  6. sean lambert says:

    we have started the drif train here in ireland right good fun

  7. vince wilkins says:

    hey shawn can you guys do a wheel alignment for my fd at ur shop? if so how much?

  8. Shawn Browne says:

    sorry dont do wheels alignments. Place we deal with is R H wheel and brake (can get low cars on) Hope that helps!

  9. eric says:

    hey thinking of coming out from calgary for the sept 5th day, me and 2 other buddies. anything we need to know, and how do we register?!

  10. Zach says:

    Most likely going to come out to that drift school event on April 24. Cars probably going to be finished just before then so it might be the only practice I get in before Evergreen pro am. What are the chances of this even filling up? Could you let me know when it gets close to full??

  11. Alyssa says:

    hey also wondering how to register and if having a car is nessesary for the drift class?

  12. Shawn Browne says:

    email me driftunion AT hotmail Dot com, and yes you need a car.

  13. Noel says:

    oooooooooooooooooooo July is just around the corner and that means D day 15 is coming!!!!!!

  14. Travis says:

    So is it still going down today? :/

  15. devin says:

    Hey shawn, I want to sign up for august 20th. I’m coming down from AB. If you could call me at 15872810777 cell.

  16. Matt says:

    Sept 17 still a go? How do I pre-reg?

  17. Shawn Browne says:

    EMT or Pay Pal $60 with name and # to DriftUnion@hotmail.com

  18. me says:

    You should change the spectators time to 2:00pm. You might bring in a lot more people. And all the good stuff is already done when the drivers are testing there cars.

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