Tech Form

Drivers are responsible for their own vehicle safety, the tech inspection at the track is only to confirm basic safety needs are met. Full HANS device and head to toe fire protection for drivers and passengers is recommended.


Date of Event: _________________________
Event Title: _________________________
Make: _________________________
Model: _________________________
Color: _________________________
First Name: _________________________
Last Name: _________________________
License Plate #: _________________________

Internal Use only (from here down to be filled out by a technical inspections representative)

_____ Fire extinguisher mounted in car with metal hold down, Min 2.5lb

_____ No visable leaks under car

_____ Engine modifications cannot interfere with brakes (if any exhaust component is within 3in of brake system a heat shield is mandatory), steering (steering shaft min 1/4in away from anything),

_____ Brake fluid within spec, NO leaks

_____ Brake system must be OEM parts or checked and cleared by tech. (Single port masters will fail)

_____ Brake lamps in working order

_____ Lug nuts present on every stud, and have minimum of 4 turns of thread

_____ Steering linkages in good working order

_____ Suspension mounts must not be damaged

_____ Side protection – if the car does not have door bars, door must be free of major impact and must not be modified from OE

_____ Battery properly secured, with one or both terminals covered with insulation (no movement)

_____ Coolant must be 90% water or greater.

_____ Wiring harness must not present a fire hazard

_____ Exhaust system properly secured to the frame of the vehicle

_____ convertibles / soft top / etc. must have a welded roll bar secured to vehicle in a minimum of 4 points in proper manner

_____ Tow hooks must be present on at least one location on vehicle

_____ Loose items remove floor mat, loose items (audio system)

_____ fuel pump covers installed, If car has fuel cell or rear mounted rad, drivers compartment must be separated with a firewall that will prevent occupants from being in contact from fluids in case of leak or crash.

_____ All seats bolted down firmly

_____ Brake pedal pressure firm

_____ Throttle action smooth / returns

_____ Windows cannot have cracks affecting vision

_____ Helmet Snell rated 2000 or newer (no loaners available)

_____ Seatbelts / harness must be secured to vehicle chassis according to specifications and without damage.

Inspectors name(print)
Inspectors signature and date

Owners acknowledgment: I hereby acknowledge that the technical inspection performed on my automobile are solely for the purpose of meeting minimum standards for the drift event. I release the inspector, Shawn Browne and any affiliated hosting parties from any liabilities and uses arising from their inspection of my car, including the failure of the items listed on this inspection form,

Driver Signature______________________________ Date____________________________________

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