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makes it rain money……….. and gets yo shit on a cover.

Dave’s car March 2010 cover.

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Business licence and a place to work. Guess it’s legit.


Sat noon-5pm by appointment

Shawn 250-808-4679

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Logan brough the new rims and tires over to the shop the other night so I could seat the beads. After a few warm brush’s with fire we got them on.

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more to come, North America wide……….

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Went out for a street session late last nigh. Here are a few pics.

Found a new spot thanks to Ryan. Was an high 2nd or 3rd corner. Was a lot of fun, no one crashed! Security came and told us to beat it, but other then that the night went well. Anyways, here is the spot. Shit was hella black by the time we left.

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Teins are gay.

and do not go low.

and are soft.

so we took care of that.

Ryans new ride hight……. more pics to come.

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It’s The Dope! – Trailer 1 from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone for checking out our page and supporting us by watching our videos. I’m planing on a full length film should be out sometime around November, and we are looking forward to everyones feedback. Let us know what ya think of the videos. The point of the film is to document the sport of drifting in its real, grassroots, no-bullshit, purest form. We all have low-buck, home built cars, and no sponsors, just like most of you guys out there. But what we do have is a common passion for burning the shit out of used scrap tires, and livin life sideways. In no way are we promoting street drifting, but if you are gonna do it please be safe, and help everyone move this sport forward. Thanks again, and we look forward to your input……

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I (Shawn) like to bolt on new stuff or install better components on to our cars. But I love to fabricate. We have a few very unique cars in our group and well, most of the “cool” stuff on them is all one off stuff we build. After a few beers one night at my shop we decided to give our shit a name. Site should be up soon.

Un till then, this is Limit Factory!…..

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Made some dope aero for dave’s car. More to come……..

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more to come.

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