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When logan and I got the thumbs up to do the team tandem event at PGP it was a no brainer, we had to go. Then it was, “well who will be the 3rd in our group?” another no brainer, we had to get Steve. Steve was at our last local drift event and we all had a blast driving together, so we did what we could and twisted Steves arm and got him on board.

we get to the track and all i could think was “fuck it’s small”

got out on the track, and just like it looks… very tight technical track.

once getting a feel for the track we line up “the EH team” to start working on the tandem. 2nd courner out Steves uca busts and the car trys to turn its self into a hover car.

We were in the first heat, 3 teams best moves on. At this point we only have 2 cars and need a 3rd. Luckily Pete from Deptune D shows up and joins the party.

Pull in after the heat, pete got pulled off as he developed a gas leak when he was mashing the turns. Have tons of people come up and let us know that our entries into the first turn are hella early and we are in the lead hands down. Move on to the finals…

Its hard to tell from these pics but the entries were sick. Had one of the judges say they were judging the entry by how far teams would go past the white line (see pic below) before being fully awesome and sideways. As you can see in the pic we were well BEFORE the line not past!

Steve was able to borrow our friend Matt’s s13 for the final so we could compete. We kept driving like we did all day. Got the judges amped!

and won.

The EH team!

The after party.

Was a great event, everyone drove like G’s.

O ya, we also got to take home the MAN shirts, because we drove like men! Thanks Ash

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So logan and I went down into Washington to compete with Steve from OZ Designs in a Team Tandem event.

Won the event, won best entry and took home the “man” shirts, because we drove like Men.

Will get more pics soon, but for now bed time.


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